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Amina Ahmed

“I was amazed by how quickly my wedding dress arrived from Bella. The fabric quality exceeded my expectations, and the dress looked absolutely stunning on my big day.”

Layla Khaldoni

“Bella’s fast delivery was a lifesaver! I found my dream wedding dress and it arrived just in time for my wedding. The fabric was luxurious and the dress was a perfect fit.”

ليليان أبو خلف

ما قدرتش أشكر بيلا كفاية على أنها خلت تجربة اختيار فستان زواجي تمام. الفستان وصل بسرعة، والقماش كان مريح وأنيق.”

Leila Ali

“The dress I ordered from Bella was a showstopper! The quick delivery ensured I had ample time for alterations, and the fabric was of excellent quality.”

سندس القاسمي

تفاصيل بيلا للأمور دقّة ما عليها كلام. الفستان وصل أسرع ما توقعت، وكنت مبسوطة من الشغل الراقي والقماش الفخم.”

Yasmin Hassan

“I fell in love with the design of my wedding dress at Bella. The fast shipping was a pleasant surprise, and the dress was even more beautiful in person.”

هبة زريق

“توصيل بيلا السريع كان اله دور كبير. الفستان انطابق بشكل مثالي والخامة كانت ناعمة ومميزة. شعرت زي الأميرة في يوم عرسي.” شكرااااااااا بيلااااا

Lina Khalifa

“Bella’s efficient delivery allowed me to focus on other aspects of my wedding planning. The dress was everything I had hoped for, with exquisite fabric and a lovely silhouette.”

عائدة العبادي

“استلمت فستان زواجي من بيلا قبل الموعد المحدد بفترة طويلة. القماش كان فخم واهتمامهم بالتفاصيل في التصميم كان بالفعل ملفت للنظر.”

نادرة الزعبي

“والله ما قادر أعبر إزاي أنا مبسوطة من فستان زفافي من بيلا. كاان مذهل وشكرا الكو

الدكتور عصام الشيخلي

تعاملنا معاكم مرتين وأنا سعيد بهذا التعامل من دقة وأسعار مناسبة وعروستي بتبلغكم تحياتها وعساكم دائما متفوقين

Khalid Hassan

Bella’s attention to detail was evident in the exquisite fabric and swift delivery. My wife looked breathtaking in her dress, and we’re forever grateful for the exceptional service.”

جاسم الموصللي

أنتم أصل الذهب حقيقة ماكنت اتوقع هاك الجمال بالإختيار والذوق أنا حيل فرحان وأشكركم 

Tariq Khalifa

We were impressed by Bella’s efficiency in delivering my wife’s wedding dress. The fabric was soft and luxurious, and the dress was beautifully crafted. Bella truly captured the essence of elegance.”

Samir Abidi

The swift delivery from Bella allowed my wife to have her dream wedding dress on time. The fabric was delicate, and the dress was a testament to Bella’s commitment to excellence.”

أيمن وسام العاني

السلام عليكم اعذروني على تأخيري بالرد حقيقة شركتكم هواي متميزة وماخذلت زوجتي وأمي على فستان العرس والسهرة وأمي بتدعيلكم بالمفوقية والنجاح الدائم 

Fatima Smith

“Bella made my wedding dress shopping stress-free. The dress arrived quickly and the fabric was so comfortable. It was exactly what I envisioned for my special day.”

Maryam Thompson

“I was blown away by the prompt delivery and the exceptional quality of my Bella wedding dress. The fabric draped beautifully, and the dress was a perfect match for my theme.”

زينة الحطاب

كتير لبألي وميرسي الكو بصبركو صبرتوا معاي عالتصميم يلي انا بدي اياه لحبيته بالفستان التطريز والموديل شكرا الكوو ومستمرة معاكو بعرس اختي 


Nadia Brown

“The fast shipping from Bella allowed me to relax and enjoy the lead-up to my wedding. The dress was made with care, and the fabric was soft and luxurious.”

Hana Wilson

“I can’t thank Bella enough for the wonderful experience. The dress arrived earlier than anticipated, and the fabric’s quality made me feel elegant and confident.”

سوزان عدنان الدليمي

عفوا أنا ما بعرف اكتب انكليزي بس كل يلي بقدر اكوله شكرا الكم اليوم وصل طلبي وكتير عجبني 

Ahmed Hassan

Bella truly made our wedding dreams come true! The dress for my wife was not only delivered swiftly but also made from the finest fabric that draped beautifully. Thank you, Bella, for adding that extra magic to our special day.”

Omar Mahmoud

“I couldn’t believe how fast Bella got the wedding dress to us. The fabric was so luxurious, and my wife looked like an absolute vision in it. Bella’s attention to detail is truly commendable.”

ضرغام مهدي الهاشمي

أوجه شكري لشركتكم على هذا الأداء الرائع وعائلتي فرحانة بالطلبات يلي جبناها والمقاسات مزبوطة وتحياتي الكم 

Ali Hassan

From the moment we ordered, Bella’s speedy delivery amazed us. The dress was a perfect fit, and the quality of the fabric was beyond compare. Thank you, Bella, for making our wedding unforgettable!”

Mohamed Abdel-Hakim

ما خيبتوا ظني كنت خايف لأان أول مرة بتعامل معاكم بس صراحة رفعتوا راسي قدام العروس الله يرزقكم 

Youssef Ali

Bella’s lightning-fast delivery was a game-changer. The dress was a work of art, with the fabric adding a touch of luxury. Thank you, Bella, for being a part of our joyous celebration!”

Oliv Kaya

“The fabric of my Bella wedding dress was so opulent and comfortable. The fast delivery ensured I had ample time for fittings, and the final look was breathtaking.”

Mia García

“I’m so grateful to Bella for the fast delivery of my dream wedding dress. The fabric was of the highest quality, and the dress fit like it was custom-made for me.”

Layla Ahmed

“Bella’s commitment to delivering high-quality dresses quickly is commendable. The fabric was so delicate and luxurious, and the dress was the highlight of my wedding.”

ايناس فرج اغا

انا نعجبة باختيار اللون كان ابيض ثلجي مع اللمسات طلع مذهل وماكنت متوقعة انه يوصل بأفل من 6 ايام أنا كلش ممنونة الكم صراحتكم وصدقكم بالعمل 

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You ask, we answer

These are the most common questions we get at Bella

We offer a variety of wedding and engagement dresses, as well as evening dresses. In addition to this, we also have an elegant and formal collection for men by Bella.

e delivery period for the dress to your address in the country in which you reside is a maximum of 7 days after completing its design, and it takes 9 days to design it.

Our return and refund policy aims to offer you a comfortable shopping experience. In case you are not satisfied with the order or need to make adjustments, you are allowed to return unused products in their original condition within 10 days of purchase for a full refund of the item value. We take great care to ensure your satisfaction and comfort, and always look forward to serving you in the best possible way.

Certainly, you can easily track the status of your order. Once the order has been confirmed and shipped, you will receive tracking details that enable you to follow the progress of your order and see where it is in real time. We provide this service to ensure that you are always aware of the status of your shipment and its arrival forecast.

We are pleased to offer various payment options to meet the needs of our customers. You can pay via various means, including:

Cryptocurrencies: You can pay with digital currencies such as Bitcoin and USDT, providing you with security and speed in the process.

Payment apps within the United States: You can take advantage of payment applications available within the United States for the ease and convenience of paying.

Bank transfers and Western Union transfers: For our customers in the Arab countries, you can pay via bank transfers or Western Union transfers, which provides you with flexible options for completing the payment.

We always strive to provide convenient and diverse payment methods to ensure an easy and comfortable shopping experience for all our customers.

تبديل المحتوىYes, of course! We offer bridal stylist services to help you choose the best dresses and accessories to match your style and wedding theme. Whether you are looking for a stunning wedding dress or want to coordinate beauty details such as hair, makeup and accessories, our professional team is ready to provide advice and support to ensure your wedding day is memorable and sparkling.

We care about fully meeting your needs and preferences. You can customize dresses according to your desires through the following options:

1. **Design and Styles:** Choose a design and style that reflects your taste and aligns with your vision for the dress.

2. **Perfect Fit:** We’ll provide accurate information about dress sizes and available shapes to help you select the ideal fit for your body.

3. **Fabrics and Colors:** Choose the fabric and color that suits your preferences and event theme.

4. **Ornamentation and Embellishments:** If you wish to add special touches like extra ornamentation or embellishments, you can specify the details you want.

5. **Additional Modifications and Customizations:** If you need specific modifications to the design, such as altering the length of the dress or adding extra sleeves, we can accommodate those needs.

We are here to ensure you get the dream dress that reflects your personality and makes your special day unforgettable.

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